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energy levels have increased in the last month which
                I am very happy about"
                - Phoebe H.

                "Great Stuff"

                I absolutely fee a change since I started to use
                ErgoMax. I have more energy and feel healthier"
                - Paul B.

                "I really like this product"

                It gives me that extra security knowing that I am
                taking steps to care for my brain. I had never heard of
                Ergothioneine before but once I did my research I
                was convinced to give this a try. I also feel healthier
                in general - more rested and with much more
                - Paul B.

                "Tasty, easy to mix with water, without any
                mushroom taste or aroma."

                It does not require a blender although I do use a
                shaker bottle to mix. The berry taste is light and
                fruity - the sweetness comes from stevia and monk
                fruit and NOT SUGAR!."
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